Skin Peels

Lighten Your Dark Spots, Remove Acne Scars And Rejuvenate Ageing Skin.

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What is Skin Peels?
Skin Peels are one of the best treatments to help rejuvenate skin and improve a range of skin concerns with no downtime or discomfort. The application of a combination of ingredients can help to leave skin glowing by removing dead skin cells while also improving pigmentation and signs of sun damage. Skin peels can be tailored to your unique skin and concerns, including a number of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids. Dr Yaser’s range of peels are the perfect rejuvenating treatment prior to any special event or for those who cannot afford lengthy downtime making it the perfect 'lunchtime' treatment.
Areas Price
Acne (salicyclic 20% / 30%) From $150
AHA 20 From $150
Renao From $170
AHA 40 From $180
Jessners Peel From $230
Enzyme + Microneedling +Pre-Laser From $85 / treatment

Skin Peels Is Best For



Enlarged Pores


Sun Damage

Uneven Skin Texture

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Skin Peels Treatment

How does it work? What does it treat?

Chemical peels use a combination of ingredients that help to dissolve dead skin cells, leaving you
with glowing, smooth skin.

1ml Skin Clinic is a professional aesthetic skin clinic that brings together state of the art equipment, best in class qualified staff with leading-edge treatments in a luxury setting.

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Is there downtime?

Some redness is common for the first few hours post-treatment, although this may depend on the intensity of the ingredients. For more intense peels, peeling of the skin is common and to be expected - it is vital that the skin is not pulled or peeled off prematurely as this could cause unnecessary inflammation.

Does it hurt?

Some peels will give you a tingling feeling, but this is not painful.

When will I see results?

Some benefits can be seen immediately post-treatment, although benefits for pigmentation can take some time to become noticeable.

How many treatments will I need?

Some patients will be happy with their results after just one treatment. Those who are choosing Chemical Peels for the improvement of pigmentation, acne and uneven skin texture may require a course of up to 3 peels.

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